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Senior Spotlight: Abe

There is just something about Senior Portrait Sessions that I love so much! Maybe it's how each student brings their own personality or maybe it's the story behind each student's session. In Abe's case, it is more than likely a mix of both!

I met Abe for the first time in 2017. Abe was a student in one of my middle school classes (I am also a teacher!) and right off the bat, I realized he had a personality that lit up the room! Abe is absolutely unique in all the best ways so getting to photograph his Senior Portrait Session was such an great experience. In between capturing awesome shots, we talked about all kinds of stuff but mostly caught up because it had been a bit!

Choosing a warmer month for his first session, we made sure to capture photos among the trees and natural elements. Abe wasn't too picky where we hosted his first session as long as it was outside. The weather in summer 2023 was not ideal though. We had so many muggy, hot, humid days that I was rescheduling left and right to avoid miserable clients and malfunctioning equipment! That is Missouri for you though.

Abe ended up with a great day and the park was busy but not so much so that we couldn't get some great shots. I love the earthly browns and greens that we were able to incorporate. I also love his outfit because Abe stayed true to himself in his button up tee and themed socks.

It is hard to believe this kid is already a Senior in high school but here we are! I am so excited to have Abe as a Class of 2024 Brand Ambassador and I looked forward to all of the awesome sessions that remain for him. Capturing his biggest moments is such an honor even if it is bittersweet!

Some takeaways from Abe's session:

  • He wanted to wear an outfit that was true to him so we chose his location based on that outfit so that we could coordinate.

  • It was hot and the sunlight was helpful in certain spaces so I made sure to book for a timeframe when the sun wasn't so high in the sky and shady spots were abundant.

  • We had water with us and I made sure to check-in with everyone involved as we were hiking through parts of the session. Take breaks as needed!

General summer session tips:

  • Booking summer sessions are always great because it gives you a chance to focus on your Senior Portrait Session before the year starts and gets crazy!

  • If you do book a summer session, make sure your photographer has a weather policy in their contract and you know what to expect for rescheduling. Some photographers will not host a session if temperatures or weather conditions are extreme.

  • If warmer-than-usual summer weather is just part of it, make sure you stay hydrated even the day or two prior to your portrait session. Take lots of breaks in the shade and with a cool bottle of water if possible. Bring a backup outfit and let your photographer know what it looks like. Avoid reds against summer greens. It makes your face look even more red!

  • Sweat happens, we all do it. If you are worried about sweat stains, a red face, etc. please make sure to communicate with your professional photographer all of your concerns. Your experience shouldn't be miserable and a professional will know what accommodations or adjustments to make.

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